Siamo un partner qualificato per società che intendano realizzare reti di telecomunicazioni in fibra ottica per l’analisi di nuovi progetti oppure estensione di reti esistenti, per il  coordinamento delle attività di manutenzione così come la verifica della corretta esecuzione delle attività di cantiere e infine l’esecuzione dei collaudi e il controllo della contabilità lavori. GPONtech è un marchio registrato.


Sede Operativa: Via Verdi 17/D - 20095 Cusano Milanino (MI) Italy

+39 02 370536

// we have been building fiber optic multiservice networks for over 25 years

Powerful Solutions network

GPONTech is the innovative Multiservice Fiber Optic Network that is fast, efficient, and easy to install. From video surveillance to Internet, telephony to home automation: all the services you need, one cable.


  • All services are in one cable and are easily implemented over time
  • No dedicated masonry work is required for installation
  • One link is able to reach multiple users
  • Cost savings in management and implementation
  • Less chance of failure

GPONTech is the ideal solution for tourist facilities and hotels, businesses and offices, and any building that needs multiple services located in different areas.

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// conneting everything

Industry, Hospitality, PMI
for anyone needing multiservice networks

// GPOL - Gigabit Passive Optical lan

We are the protagonists of the new optical LANs

A GPOL network has many advantages over a traditional LAN, for example in terms of space we only need the diameter of a hair to pass information without speed limits. GPOL network, distributes a bandwidth of 2.48Gbps per user.

POL networks have high levels of both active and passive security. Any kind of disconnection, cable movement or unauthorized access is automatically reported and the system blocks any intrusion into the network a priori.

The POL network is very simple to design and manage, as all the intelligence is concentrated in one place. Bandwidth guarantees the transmission of any equipment and/or service connected to it. The POL network devices dialoguing with each other optimize the traffic on the network in a totally dynamic and independent mode.

Artificial Intelligence applied to data transport allows applications to grow on the network and increase the company’s business.

//the connections increase, the bandwidth request grows, the efficiency of the system becomes primary

To make better use of new technologies
we need simpler, more reliable and more performing networks

Technological development
Technological development
IoT - Internet of things, Machine to Machine, Cloud, Virtualization, Security, Access Control, Building Automation, connected devices and much more, are becoming more and more frequent in networks every day and require ever greater use of corporate bandwidth. Hence the need to rethink networks to meet new operational needs.
GPONTECH look to the future...
GPONTECH look to the future...
...and in doing so we have optimized the multi-service optical LAN in terms of speed, number of users, scalability while saving the company money. Our technologically advanced solution drastically reduces construction and maintenance costs (OPEX).
State-of-the-art technological solution
State-of-the-art technological solution
With the active devices of GPONTECH, the 2.5Gbit/s point-to-multipoint physical network, a single optical fiber can manage up to 128 different areas and 512 users at the same time!
// An investment that looks to the future

GPONTECH guarantees the efficiency and scalability of your network for the next 30 years