Siamo un partner qualificato per società che intendano realizzare reti di telecomunicazioni in fibra ottica per l’analisi di nuovi progetti oppure estensione di reti esistenti, per il  coordinamento delle attività di manutenzione così come la verifica della corretta esecuzione delle attività di cantiere e infine l’esecuzione dei collaudi e il controllo della contabilità lavori. GPONtech è un marchio registrato.


Sede Operativa: Via Verdi 17/D - 20095 Cusano Milanino (MI) Italy

+39 02 370536

New Milestone per OFS

OFS has successfully implemented one of the first GPoL Networks for the Hospitality sector with GPoNtech system and devices. Our now “almost” 30 years of experience in the field of Fibre Optics at 360°, has allowed us to design, install all the infrastructure and activate a GPoL Network with redundancy, at an important Italian hotel structure: GARDEN TOSCANA RESORT in San Vincenzo (LI).

We realized a VDI - MultiPlay (video-data-telephony-wifi-services) network for:

The "Network Distribution Core" is entirely managed by 6 OLT...

… with a data flow in GPoL distribution of 100G continuous to utilities/services. OLTs still have 20Gbps for future network deployment. All OLTs are in 20G optical up-link.
System monitoring is done in “real time” using dedicated EMS software (logical and topographical) that manages its parameters: from data flow, bandwith of graphical use, with alarms / Logs and graphical statistics of the same, management of e-mail sending according to the programmed alarms, and figures in responsibility of the different alerts, the configuration of the apparatuses also remotely and the eventual updating of firmware of the OLT and ONUs.

Gigabit Passive Optical LAN

GPoL architecture, which stands for Gigabit Passive Optical LAN, is point-to-multipoint in that it allows multiple end users to be connected to a single local CED by taking advantage of optical splitters that do not require power supply. In a nutshell, then, taking a cue from City Networks FTTH now well-known and well-established it enables us to manage the fiber-optic link needed to reach end users.