Siamo un partner qualificato per società che intendano realizzare reti di telecomunicazioni in fibra ottica per l’analisi di nuovi progetti oppure estensione di reti esistenti, per il  coordinamento delle attività di manutenzione così come la verifica della corretta esecuzione delle attività di cantiere e infine l’esecuzione dei collaudi e il controllo della contabilità lavori. GPONtech è un marchio registrato.


Sede Operativa: Via Verdi 17/D - 20095 Cusano Milanino (MI) Italy

+39 02 370536

GIS S.r.l. and GPON TECH®
Transform Security in the Hospitality Industry 4.0

In a landscape where security and advanced connectivity are imperative, GIS S.r.l. stands out with more than three decades of experience in the field of security installations and complex systems management. The strategic partnership with GPON TECH® has taken their technological expertise to new levels, redefining the standards of security and management of integrated systems, especially in the hospitality industry.

GIS S.r.l.
An Excellence in Security and Integrated Management

GIS S.r.l. is a leader in critical areas such as security, Lan enterprise, fire prevention and monitoring management. Through tireless efforts, the company aims to devise superior solutions, offering unparalleled service. Their primary goal is to grow together with customers, ensuring maximum comfort and safety.

The GIS – GPON TECH® collaboration goes beyond the security sector; in a context where advanced Multiservice connectivity is essential, the strength of GPON TECH® ‘s expertise is a perfect match for the high standards of GIS S.r.l.

Details of Work Performed with GPONTECH

VoIP Telephony
Implementation of an advanced fiber-optic VoIP telephony solution to ensure efficient and reliable communications, enhancing the guest experience.

Internal LAN Network and Remote Switchboard Bergamo Headquarters
Implementation of an internal FTTD (Fiber-to-the-desk) LAN network with Optical Fiber at the desk to optimize communication and connection with the Bergamo office, improving operational efficiency.
Security System
Integration of a state-of-the-art video surveillance system for uncompromising security and control.
Internet Connectivity
Provision of robust and reliable Internet connectivity to ensure uninterrupted communication.
Access Control
Implementation of an advanced access control system to maximize guest safety and comfort in hospitality facilities.

The partnership between GIS S.r.l. and GPON TECH® is the result of shared commitment, expertise and innovation.

Together, they are writing a history of advanced security and
integrated management in Industry 4.0,
offering cutting-edge, tailored solutions.

Discover the future of connectivity with us,
discover GPON TECH®